Timeline of COVID- 19 vaccine VS AIDS/HIVS vaccine

Covid-19 and Aids/Hivs are deadly diseases, but at least we have a vaccine for Covid-19 and Aids/Hivs …Wait we don’t have a vaccine for Aids/Hivs, so what’s the hold-up? First, let’s discuss the steps needed towards the Covid-19 vaccine.​Before anything, scientists have to find the foreign substance in your body.Then, Phase 2a determines the most effective dose. Moreover, Janssen scientists administered the “vaccine” to thousands of people and see if they develop symptoms.Further on, data is reviewed for FDA approval.After it’s approved, scientists monitor production. On to Aids/Hivs, it was found in July 1984. It came from chimpanzees in West Africa,and later spread to parts of the world. When Hivs enters your body, it hides in the DNA and attacks the white blood cells. When it has caused serious damage, AIDS develops. Once you catch it, your body cannot get rid of it, but antiretroviral therapy can control it. In conclusion, the reason we don’t have a vaccine for Hivs/Aids is that it’s impossible to destroy​. The reason we got a vaccine for Covid-19 was because scientists merged preclinical trials ,thus creating the Covid-19 vaccine.


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