Smart DeTech

People who have heart disease such as irregular heartbeats, may experience many symptoms including fluttering in chest, racing heartbeat, slow heartbeat, chest pain or discomfort, dizziness, shortness of breath or fainting. If not treated, these symptoms may cause a cardiac arrest. Heart rate is the most important parameter in monitoring any person’s health. I did some research and found out that there are a lot of drawbacks to the current technology that people who have heart disease use to monitor their heart rates. Some drawbacks that these tools have are either too big, non-portable, or very expensive. As such, I have designed and coded an engineering innovation, the Smart DeTech that will benefit people with abnormal heart rhythms. It is applicable in different settings: homes, hospitals and senior homes. It will not only help the patients but will also help doctors keep their patients healthy. When the patient place his index finger on a pulse sensor, Smart DeTech will detect the patient’s heart rate and display it on an OLED display along with an EKG (electrocardiogram). A buzz will sound with the heartbeats and an LED will also flash with the heartbeats. In case of abnormal heartbeats or experiencing other symptoms, the patient can push a button to send an SMS and alert a medical staff or a family member and seek help. Monitoring patients with heart disease is one of the biggest challenges for managing people’s health and therefore the Smart DeTech will be very valid and needed in the community. It will help patients monitor their heartbeats regularly in order to treat their conditions and avoid a cardiac arrest. It is helpful for a person who is living alone in order to control his condition. Even elderlies in senior homes can benefit from the Smart DeTech. Patients have been using different Apps that require them to wear a watch or have a smart phone. The patients and doctors I spoke with think that the Smart DeTech will be very useful as it is small, portable and inexpensive. They also like the idea of when patients are having severe symptoms, they can push a button to get immediate help. Smart DeTech is beneficial because it is small, portable and affordable.


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