Smart MED Reminder

The majority of healthcare and medicine consumers fail to comply with medication instructions. Medication noncompliance is responsible for 30 percent of hospital readmissions. Forgetting to take prescribed pills or taking the wrong medications can be disastrous causing organ failure, a multitude of dangerous side effects and even fatality. I did some research and found out that there are a lot of drawbacks to the current technology that people who forget to take their medication are using. Some drawbacks that these tools have are either too big, non-portable, or very expensive. As such, I have designed and coded an engineering innovation, the Smart MED Reminder that will benefit people who forget to take their medication on time, accidently take their medication twice, or take the wrong medication. It is applicable in different settings: home, hospitals and senior homes. It will not only help the patients but will also help doctors keep their patients medically compliant. Using Smart Med Reminder, the patient is able to set an alarm. When it is time to take the medication, a buzz tone will alert the patient to take the medication, a reminder message will show on a display with medication’s name and dosage and an LED will flash. The buzzer will keep buzzing until the patient presses a button to stop it. If the patient needs assistance, he can push a different button to send an SMS and alert a medical staff or a family member. Forgetting to take medication is one of the biggest challenges for managing people’s health and therefore the Smart MED Reminder will be very valid and needed in the community. It will help reminding patients to take their medication on time in order to avoid side effects and to properly treat their condition. It is helpful for a person who is living alone and must take his medication in a timely manner in order to control his condition. Some other people have severe health conditions that can only be managed by medication, so poor compliance on taking medication can have severe effects on their health. People with depression or bipolar cannot function without their medicines. If they don’t take it on time, their daily tasks become difficult. They cannot even get out of bed. Even people with Alzheimer’s can benefit from the Smart MED Reminder. Smart MED Reminder is beneficial because it is small, portable and affordable.


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