The Kangaroo Distance Pouch


My Summary: A pouch to make social distancing easier Sathvik Vinnakota, Surrey Academy Of Innovative Learning, STEAMx, South Fraser Region Introduction and Background: Currently, our world is plagued by COVID-19. In order to reduce the hard hit of this pandemic, the WHO (World Health Organization) and governments have put many new rules into effect. Arguably the biggest of them all is a new practice known as social distancing. But, I have noticed that many people are forgetting to practice this, or are getting closer to others than they think. Even a small mistake like this could lead to the spread of COVID-19 becoming more rampant. People forgetting about these rules is a reason why COVID-19 has been around for so long. Purpose: The purpose of this project is to make social distancing easier for everyone and to work as a reminder for people to social distance. Design Criteria: A successful device should be able to detect if an individual is coming close to it, and should trigger a LED and a speaker to remind the individual to stay 6 feet away. This device should also be comfortable to wear. Procedure: The first step of this project was to find out if my project was viable and if anyone would use it. To carry that out, I surveyed my friends, teachers and family. Next, I specified the components needed for this project. In order to do that, I took help from my teachers and Google to find components that worked with the Arduino Microcontroller and were suitable for my cause. Then, I learnt how to use these components and built sample circuits for all of them as a practical test. Then I put everything I learned together and made a sample circuit. I then refined that to make a working final circuit. Finally, I attached it to my hoodie. I then covered the device to protect it. Results: After testing and experimenting, my device partially worked. The main function was working well, however the sensor available to me had a lot of constraints.It picked up objects, not people. Currently, the Arduino Microcontroller does not have any parts that can only pick up humans in my limited $25 budget. However, the device still can be used for this function, as the bright light is easily noticeable by the user, and will make them check if there are any people around. If there are, this will hopefully lead the user to move away and maintain a social distance. Conclusion: In conclusion, I created a viable budgeted device to remind people of social distancing. Users are alerted by this device to check their surroundings when it becomes red or plays the buzzer. Acknowledgements: I would like to acknowledge my mentor, Mr .Orwell Kowalyshyn for his continuous support, and for helping me acquire the needed materials to complete this project.


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