Can Wind beat Solar

Can Solar Beat Wind? Hitesh Amarjothi Sreedharan, Jesse Filkow. | Southpointe Academy Background |

Purpose This experiment is formed for the purpose to determine which form of generating energy is most efficient, comparing both solar and wind power through trials. The information collected will contribute to “Phase 2” of this project, designing a wind powered automobile in aiding the battle against climate change. As the crisis and large awareness of climate change and global warming around the world increase, solutions being developed in action are dramatically impacting the overall change and reduction in the world’s carbon footprint. Phase 1: The experiment conducted will consist of a test between a wind turbine and solar panel through generating electricity in a controlled space. Phase 2: One of the main points of priority being to reduce individual pollution of the population mainly through our methods of transportation by electrifying vehicles and searching for other methods to use for our daily commutes. By designing wind powered cars the population will be able to use these methods of transportation, and reducing overall and individual impacts to carbon pollution. Different from the electric cars seen today, these designed wind powered cars will be able to impact the environment much more through certain methods including: The ability to have an unlimited range with battery regeneration while driving, Usage of vehicle in remote areas without access to electricity, Reduction of the overall price to become more affordable to the general public. Methodology Performing this experiment, the necessary materials including the wind turbine and solar panel created were both placed in separate controlled spaces with either source of energy in each room. A stationary fan and 5 watt-bulb were placed in the controlled spaces corresponding to either the wind turbine or solar panel. A set time period of 24 hours with the energy sources having a consistent rate throughout, the difference in the AA battery connected to each source of energy generation was measured through an ammeter, comparing both to determine which source was more efficient. The results collected were then used and interpreted to determine which source was more efficient to be considered to “Phase 2”; designing a wind powered car. Results | Discussion/Conclusion The results of the trials included the average gain in wattage for the wind turbine being 0.79 watts, while the solar panel increased by 0.35 watts. The outcome recorded was such that the solar panel can convert 15-20% whereas the wind turbine can convert 50% of the energy, as well as the light bulb being on for 12 hours to simulate a real day/night. These results prove that the energy generation of wind is more effective than solar, also allowing the “Phase 2” design to be wind powered. Acknowledgements In assistance with this project, we would like to acknowledge Mrs. Prabhakar for aiding in any doubts, questions or concerns. Literature Cited: Is solar or wind a better way to power your home? (2018, April 30). Retrieved from


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