You Are My Density

For my project, I wanted to see if some liquids were denser than others. I tested 8 different liquids: tap water, milk, peroxide, vegetable oil, dish soap (Dawn), table salt to create salinated water, rubbing alcohol, baby oil. I discovered that all the liquids except for water and peroxide had different densities. By putting them into a test tube, I was able to see that different densities formed different layers. The densest liquid was on the bottom. One thing that needs further investigation is why dish detergent (Dawn) formed a layer above milk, even though milk is less dense. I coloured each liquid a different colour to see the layers more clearly. By adding the liquids with a syringe, I made sure I didn’t force the liquid down into another layer. This also avoided air bubbles. In the future I would like to test if objects will fall through the liquids of various density, or if they will float. I am very interested in physical science and hands on experiments.

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