The Future of Mother Earth

By Prabhnoor Kaur Sidhu
Intermediate Category (Grades 9-10)
Study | Environment

The purpose of my project is to present awareness about climate change and how human activities are affecting the Earth. I hope my project will raise awareness about these ideas and people will start to think about how they can help save the environment. I hope my project will also present awareness to people designing projects to produce energy and that they will use some of my ideas to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in energy production.

Humans have a massive impact on the environment. By burning fossil fuels, humans are releasing extreme quantities of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. As a result, the Sun’s energy is trapped in the Earth atmosphere by greenhouse gasses, which increases the Earth’s temperature.
The ocean is absorbing great quantities of carbon dioxide, resulting in ocean acidification. This is causing the erosion of animal shells and coral. As the Earth’s temperature begins to rise, sea levels also being to rise, causing heavy flooding and intense storms in many parts of the world. Higher ocean temperatures is also resulting in coral bleaching. Higher global temperatures are causing severe droughts, forest fires, heat waves, and desertification in many parts of the world too.

Rising global temperatures are changing atmospheric conditions and wind patterns, which are changing the climate and weather across the world. Due to this the timing of the arrival and departure of seasons is changing, which is having a great effect on the lifecycles of animals and migration patterns.

As the world’s population increases, natural resource consumption is also increasing. Turning natural resources into materials creates a great amount of waste.

Deforestation, climate change, invasive species, climate change, and other human activities are resulting in loss of biodiversity across the world. Wild species provide us with all of our food and medicine, which we need to survive. Insect populations are also declining, resulting in flowers being painted in some parts of the world due to a lack of pollinators.
Deforestation and agricultural practices are resulting in soil erosion, animal’s habitats being destroyed, loss of biodiversity, and damage to ecosystems.

We need to use renewable and clean energy sources to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, recycle to save natural resources, and have sustainable farming to save the environment. We need to protect natural species today to ensure we have opportunities in the future for food and health innovation and to protect animals living on Earth too. We need to have a healthy environment to have a healthy society and good living conditions.

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