How does screen time affect your Brain, Behavior & health

By Alisha
Elementary Category (Grades 4-6)
Study | Biology, Statistics

My project explains some of the bad effects from screen time & some of the good. I collected Data by asking people what devices they use & how long they use their device for. In total including youth & adults i asked about 20 people. (10 youths & 10 adults.) For Adults out of this 10. The average amount of screen time they use is 3 hours & 6 minutes (184 minutes) For the 10 people out of the youth section their average is 1 hour & 19 minutes. (79.5 minutes). I’m sure if i asked more people this same question, my results would be different. I also did research on a computer by using websites and seeing what the majority of the websites said. Why i wanted to do this project was because me, myself I use a lot of technology and i wanted to know what would happen to me. I also did this because i wanted to kind of created an awareness. I learnt that screen time can do much more than just make your vision less accurate. But there are some good effects such as learning new things & how 3D games increase your memory.

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