The Effect Of Stress On a Type One Diabetic

By Andrei Marti
Elementary Category (Grades 4-6)
Study | Biology, Chemistry

I was diagnosed with type one diabetes when I was five years old. Ever since than I have become more aware that certain activities greatly affect my blood sugar levels. It is important for competitive athletes to have good control over their blood sugars for both long term health and better control during the game. Both high and low blood sugar levels can have a big impact on the physical and mental state of a diabetic. This project looks at the effects that stress and adrenaline have on a type one diabetic while participating in two different sports. Blood sugar levels were recorded for a four month period, before and during participation in soccer and Capoeira. The results showed a significant increase in blood sugar levels while playing soccer and a significant decrease in blood sugar levels while playing Capoeira. These statistics were unexpected as most research in this area shows that for the average diabetic adrenaline and stress decrease blood sugar. With this information I am better able to prepare for a soccer game that involves adrenaline and adjust insulin accordingly. As well, before a school test that involves mental stress like Capoeira, I can prepare by eating a high carb snack or have fast acting sugar on hand in case of lows.

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