Can a pegasus fly without magic?

By Florence Veran
Junior Category (Grades 7-8)
Study | Physics

I am trying to find out if a pegasus could fly if it existed. I assume that a pegasus has the same size and weight as a horse. From a picture, I find the area of its wings and I calculate the wing loading. The higher the wind loading, the faster it needs to go in order to fly. I compare the wing loading of the pegasus to the wing loading of birds, gliders, propeller planes and jet planes to understand if a pegasus could fly by itself. I find that a pegasus has a wing loading much higher than that of birds. It might be able to take off by running very fast and flapping its wings, but it likely would not be able to stay in the air once airborne. However, it might be able to glide for some time if it ran very fast off a cliff.

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