Greener Grass

By Advienne Luong and Paige Cheng
Intermediate Category (Grades 9-10)
Innovation | Environment

Our innovation project is called Greener Grass. Our project is on compostable grass bins. On our evolving planet, every environmental choice we make changes the earth for better or for worst. For example, plastic is an ongoing environmental issue that is doing lots of harm to the planet and is being used around the world substantially. We decided to create a more efficient and cost-efficient way to prevent using as much plastic as possible.

Bin with grass blended with the phone book paper

We can use the abundance of grass clippings. We can make compostable bowls using the bindings. The wax made the bowl waterproof but was five to seven dollars which means it wasn’t cost-efficient. The phone book paper, on the other hand, worked very well. It was easy to use and would cost two to three dollars which means it’s much more cost-efficient. By using compostable grass bins, you can throw the whole bin away including food scraps. Our hypothesis is, if we use dry grass clippings and a binging agent, then we can make a 100% compostable bin that you can use and then throw away. Our research question is, how can we create compostable bins in a cost-efficient and time-efficient way? Our independent variables are the bindings (beeswax and phonebook paper). The dependent variable is the dried grass and the controlled variables are, room temperature (19 degrees), the moulds and the space we used.

Bin with grass with wax

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