Air Pollution

By Sajan Singh Bui and Surkhab Singh Brar
Junior Category (Grades 7-8)
Innovation | Environment

Air pollution is on the rise due to car emissions, forest fires, fossil fuels and industrialization. The air’s carbon dioxide levels are increasing rapidly. As a result, 4.6 million people die from air pollution yearly. We want to reduce the fatality rate and help people.

This led us to our innovative idea to purify the air by making a machine to lower carbon dioxide levels. In our experiment, we explored how to make a model to reduce carbon dioxide, and assess how well it works. We experimented to purify air with our machine (CO2 Remover). We measured the air quality with this device that measures carbon dioxide (PPM also parts per million is the value). This compound is toxic at very high levels.

When we saw our results, we were shocked. The carbon dioxide levels had dropped rapidly in a matter of seconds. Our machine decreased carbon dioxide levels by 18%. People have made carbon dioxide removal plants. They use them to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This experiment has provided answers to improve air quality around the world. We can really help fight the battle against air pollution.

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