The Tabbot

By Himani Rana
Junior Category (Grades 7-8)
Innovation | Engineering and Computer Science

The Tabbot is a robot that can assist anyone to carry items, an idea that I got while attending Robotics 8 course, at MEI Middle. My hypothesis was that my robot will use an ultrasonic sensor to sense objects, move with me, and hold my items. I imagine this concept can be used in the future by disabled people or customers to have touchless grocery carts. VEX is a type of material that has been used to build my robot and the coding software is RobotC. After researching how VEX robots work, how to code them, and looking at other robots that were made to benefit people, I started to construct and code my robot. After a lengthy process of trial and error, my robot started functioning. In conclusion, my hypothesis was correct as my robot follows me forward successfully and can also be controlled using a joystick.

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