Power Tech Parking

By Gurleen Bahia
Intermediate Category (Grades 9-10)
Innovation | Engineering and Computer Science

The accessible parking system is an impaired system that still exists today. Individuals with disabilities in the 20th century and their rights were not widely acknowledged nor protected. Before the movements towards equality, individuals with disabilities did not have the same freedoms and rights, although that did not stay the same. Soon, after they started to receive international attention, the governments all over the world federally mandated guidelines for the design and accessibility of buildings, including unique spaces, signage, and lowered curbs for wheelchair access.

Since the creation of the accessible parking system, it has been significantly used by its eligible users. With the accessible parking system in action, people with disabilities can find parking spots near their destinations. Nowadays, accessible parking is everywhere. Everyone understands that the accessible parking system is for people with disabilities, ensuring that when a person has mobility limitations, they can park in one of the designated parking spots with a permit. In the 20th century, the government had placed a system that they believed would help fix the problem in the beginning. By placing an accessible parking system for only the eligible users with disabilities was thought to be a magnificent idea. Unfortunately, as the years passed, the situation started to worsen.

Nowadays, most individuals are concerned about their own lives; nobody seems to bother calling out people who illegally park in accessible parking spots without a permit, unknown of how it would affect a user who would now have to find a parking spot, that may be far from their destination. The purpose of the project is to develop a better design of the accessible parking system to reduce the abuse it is currently facing.

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