BandaGEL: A Phytochemical- Based Hydrogel Liquid Bandage

By Pari Goyal and Yolanda Tan
Intermediate Category (Grades 9-10)
Innovation | Biology

The goal of this project was to develop a synergistic phytochemical- based hydrogel liquid bandage for healing wounds. The bandage is applied on topically as a liquid which then solidifies on the skin. The bandage is a combination of curcumin, azadirachtin, and naringenin, derived from natural sources mixed with hydrogel.

Curcumin is naturally found in white curcumin, a more concentrated form of turmeric, and azadirachtin is found in neem oil, a natural pesticide that is safe to apply on skin. The naringenin is found in oranges, so orange essential oil was used. These three natural substances mixed together make this liquid bandage anti- inflammatory, antiseptic killing bacteria, increases healing speed, and prevents infections.

Different ratios of the substances were tested, and the most effective formula was our third trial which was done in a lab. It was a mass ratio of 2 : 1 : 2 : 20 : 1 : 60 : 13 for white curcumin : neem oil : orange essential oil : propylene glycol : carbopol 934P : distilled water : triethylamine. The bandage was tested on bacteria taken from doorknobs and phones.

The data collected from this experiment shows that BandaGEL, trial 3 does kill some bacteria, which could have entered the open wound and caused an infection; and also stops the bacteria from growing more.

After testing the bandage has gone through, it has been concluded that it is a biodegradable, synergistic, safe, and effective phytochemical- based, hydrogel liquid bandage for healing wounds.

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