A Curse or a Blessing: UV Rays

By Simratt Purewal
Junior Category (Grades 7-8)
Experiment | Biology, Energy and Natural Resources, Environment

The natural source of ultraviolet Rays (UV rays) is the sun. The nuclear reaction in the sun creates radiation; however, there are many artificial sources like tanning booths, black lights, many types of lamps, and etc of these rays. These sources are used in hospitals to disinfect the surgical instruments. The Ultraviolet rays from the sun can be a blessing when someone gets in the sun for a shorter period with proper body coverage because it is beneficial for our immune system, and it gives us Vitamin D. UV rays kill bacteria and keep human beings healthy by giving us Vitamin D. However, if someone stays a longer period, it can cause many problems such as sun burns, DNA damage or skin cancer because UVA and UVB will enter your body.

The following research and experiment have been done on the yeast colony. This technique is used to examine how someone can get affected by the exposure of these rays on their skin or body. The experiment concluded that if someone stays longer in the sun when the rays are at their higher level, it can damage the DNA by breaking their bonds and ruining the genetic structure when the UV photon strikes it. The body cells can also be damaged or killed because some cells can’t be repaired, and they die. My research supports that UV rays are harmful and damage or kill the yeast cells which are similar to human cells. Therefore, this study supports how longer and stronger UV radiation affects human beings.

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