Germination Station

By Kanna Owen
Elementary Category (Grades 4-6)
Experiment | Biology, Psychology

My question was which type of plant will germinate the fastest. I used five different kinds of seeds. There were Marigold, Mizuna, Morning Glory, Peas, and Borage. Before I planted the seeds in the soil, I divided soaked and un soaked seeds from the same seeds. I soaked the seeds overnight. I divided 4 groups from each seed. First group was seeds in the dark. The second group was seeds in the dark that had been soaked. The third group was seeds in the light. The last group was seeds in the light that had been soaked. I put my hypothesis. I thought Marigold would be the first to germinate because in the article I read it said that hard seeds take longer to break apart and sprout but softer seeds germinate faster. The Marigold seeds were soft. It took 14 days to complete this experiment. I have two types of graphs. The first graph was a line graph, and the second graph was a bar graph. The line graph showed dates of growth. The bar graph showed length of growth. I put some pictures. I put my procedure. I the results. The results were very interesting. The unsoaked peas in the dark germinated first. I put my conclusion. My hypothesis was wrong. I learned that the seeds in the dark grow tall because the seeds are looking for the sun.

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