Global Warming Is Harming

By Musa Raza
Elementary Category (Grades 4-6)
Experiment | Environment

The purpose I am doing this research based experimental project is that I wanted to know if greenhouse gases and high Carbon dioxide levels are real cause of global warming? According to my researches I came to know that the main causes of global warming include greenhouse gases, mainly acid rain and carbon dioxide, which are caused by rapid growth in industrialization, deforestation and fossil fuel burning.

I performed 7 different experiments to prove my hypotheses. My first hypothesis was that if I will increase amount of Carbon dioxide then the temperature will rise because high Carbon dioxide level increases amount of temperature. If I will put different types of rocks, metals, wood and chalk in acid rain(vinegar) then it will effect weight of the rocks by dissolving and stripping off rocks surface. It will also change the appearance of metal and wood because acids have ability to corrode metal and wood surfaces and it will dissolve chalk. If I will spray my plants with different pH levels of acid rain then plants with high pH level will remain healthy and the plants with lower pH levels will be badly destroyed because low pH level solution is more acidic and it will destroy the nutrients in soil.

For CO2 experiment I poured 5Tbp of baking soda in a jar ladled with CO2 and kept the other jar empty. Then I attached a thermometer inside each jar. I poured half cup of vinegar in CO2 jar and closed the lid. After 20 minutes I noted the initial temperature of both the jars and placed them under sunlight/ incandescent light for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes I noted the final temperature.

For plants I sprayed 4 plants with pH 3,4,5 and 6 and placed them under incandescent light for 18 hours and in dark for 6 hours. I took 4 different rocks each 50 gram and placed them in jars filed with vinegar. For metals, wood and chalk I placed each material in jar filled with water and vinegar separately. I recorded my results for 25 days. My Hypothesis that low pH level solutions will cause damage to plant’s overall growth and high pH level will cause no damage at all proved right. I concluded that pH level below 5 do effects plant’s overall growth. I can say that acid rain is badly damaging our environment by affecting the plants which in return causing significant rise in the atmospheric temperature.

My hypothesis about rocks was also true and I conclude that acid rain is causing damage to the buildings slowly and destroying so many precious monuments. I concluded that lime stone is effected by acid rain the most and granite the least. The hypothesis that acid rain will effect wood and chalk causing damage to the surface proved right. I concluded that acid rain is damaging the buildings and structures made of wood. Its also causing damage to the painted woods by dissolving the paint. My Hypothesis that acid rain will cause damage to metal surface by rusting them is proved true.

I concluded that acid rain equally effects metals of different types by corroding them. So, I can clearly say that acid rain is effecting bridges which are mainly constructed by different types of metals and also vehicles made up of metals, which are most exposed to acid rain. My hypothesis that increase in Carbon dioxide will cause rise in temperature is also true. I concluded that Carbon dioxide is causing increase in the earth’s temperature and effecting our planet causing environmental changes on a big scale and destroying our beautiful planet.

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