Multi-Function Generator

By Tianyi Michelle Liu
Intermediate Category (Grades 9-10)
Experiment | Energy and Natural Resources, Physics

In emergency situations involving natural disasters, such as becoming lost in a snowstorm, electricity is often the key to survival. This project proposes a means of supplying electricity in such situations with a hand driven generator for electricity that can be kept in homes. The device works by having coils of wire surrounding hand driven moving magnets that can then create a magnetic field. That field will force charged particles to move inside the coil of wire, generating electricity.

First, the coils of wire are connected to each other and secured in place. Next, a shaft with a circle magnet inside chains of coiled wires is connected to a hand turned crank. The shaft is also connected to a fan that can transform into a hydroelectric generator by generating a current in the water. This hand driven generator can be used in emergency situations to provide a power source for essential electronics. An ammeter is connected to the chains of coiled wires to indicate if a current is being generated, and experimental data indicates that the apparatus is successful in generating power.

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