Safety First

By Max Ranger
Elementary Category (Grades 4-6)
Experiment | Chemistry, Energy and Natural Resources, Environment

I tested safety glasses with different things that might represent things that might cause eye injuries in real life. I wanted to see if safety glasses from professional safety shops were better than ones you can buy at regular stores. I first talked to Dr. Herriot from North Peace Optometry to find out what kinds of eye injuries are most common and how they could be caused. Then I talked to the manager at a professional safety shop who explained the differences between types of safety glasses and how to make sure you are wearing ones that fit your face the best and are for the right protection. I tested for metal impact by shooting them with a BB gun, liquid or chemical splash by using a syringe to squirt coloured water, spray with a spray bottle and coloured water, and fine particles by spraying thyme leaves at them with compressed air. I tested each test 3 times for all 12 pairs of glasses and used the results to collect the data. I found that some glasses do protect from certain things better than others, and that no matter what, safety glasses are very important.

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