Colour and Memory Test

By Kate Louie and Alexandra Fung
Junior Category (Grades 7-8)
Experiment | Psychology

The required ethics forms have been submitted for this project.

My partner Alexandra, and my project is basically an attempt to see if colour has any effect on our participant’s memories. We choose this topic because we thought if our experiment did work this could help us and others with our everyday lives. This even could help us improve our grades in tests, quizzes and exams if our hypothesis of colour indeed helping you remember more is correct . When I see a colourful image it makes me feel happy and positive, the second I see an image with colour immediately the colour just pops out of the paper. All of these things to me make a colourful image more memorable than just a black and white image. When I see a black and white image I don’t get that same sense of joy which to me makes an image less memorable. By following thought with our experiment and doing some further research this helped us find some very interesting and extremely helpful information. With some help from some other tests, articles and research we even came to a conclusion. After we found out that our hypothesis was correct and that colour does improve your memory we actually tested out these results in our everyday lives by highlighting, writting and underlining our notes with colourful pens or highlighters. This actually helped my partner, some classmates and I remember notes better.

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